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Terms & Conditions

When you submit the request of our service through phone or email, then you automatically entitled to our terms and conditions.

Signature logo customers hereby abide by the terms and conditions provision to Signature Logo of the service for the customers which is attached to terms and conditions.

Customers will get the service as per the package detailed given on the website.

Designs will be created through the concept-feedback-revision stage and then get the ultimate design with the creative briefing and even the feedback.

A customer is responsible for the preparation and sends the detailed answer for logo specification to get the exact logo for business.

Signature Logo is not responsible for reviewing creative briefing and looking for more feedback, which may include accuracy, clarity completeness of information and quality.

When Signature Logo offers designs to the clients, the clients should review and respond.

When the clients fail to reply prompt, then he or she will accept the given designs. If the client notifies that the design modification to the initial designs so that the customer get the final design from the team.

In the revision stage, there will be 2 to 6 additional composition that needs to incorporate the change. The revision is done to just create the best design and we do not compromise on the quality of work and some package also offer with unlimited revisions.

Once the order details are submitted changing your business name, text style, color scheme or basic logo concept as described from the original order details provided will cost extra.

Revisions refer to alterations within your initial concept and do not include a completely new concept not mentioned or described in the initial logo specifications.

Files are sent digitally, there are no shipping costs involved.

A refund will be offered if you are not satisfied with the initial designs.